Health & Beauty
Clean, luxe beauty

More than an art and design boutique, treasures at SeaCasas include natural and organic products that are made with the finest essential oils and healthy natural elements such as fresh lavender, goat’s milk and other earth-rich ingredients. We believe that only the best naturals should ever be used on the body, so we have searched to bring you the finest sugar scrubs, body oils, mists, soaps, lip balms, aluminum-free deodorant, body butters, natural insect repellent, eczema relief balm and scar aids. And we’ve even found one-of-the-best misters for your home to enhance your health and comfortable well-being.  

Our vision behind every health and beauty product SeaCasas sells is the same – they're all made thoughtfully and are free of toxic chemicals. This includes our wide assortment of soy candles.