Glass Adds Unique Décor to Coastal Living

by Brenda Carter de Treville

Sophisticated and soothing, the colors of glass add a special dimension to decorating and entertaining in daily coastal living.

Want to add a unique touch to your table when friends arrive for dinner? Try colorful vibrant glass dishes to enhance your everyday serving pieces. Top your place settings with clear glass salad or soup bowls in bright greens, blues or even see-through clear glass to highlight your menu selection. And don’t forget to add cutlery with glass handles or fun spreaders with glass seahorses, turtles or starfish. The myriad of color makes the food even more enticing and memorable.

Lighting is important to any room. And what’s more fun than a light that also becomes a classic piece of art. Hand-blown glass takes on many shapes and colors. A custom glass jellyfish chandelier can look as spectacular in your entranceway as it can over the kitchen island or in a cozy corner of the living area. And for smaller places, there are glass art creations that stand alone on a table, bookshelf or even a bathroom counter – custom hand-blown glass globes in various shapes and colors. Add a lighted base to the glass globe and the color really comes alive. Many crystal or reflective bases today include LED lights that change color slowly, adding an ambiance to the already exquisite art resting on it.

These lighted art sculptures also make great night or mood lights, and they are much safer than candles! Imagine the glow from various sizes of glass lights along a wall in your living area.

Mixing glass art on your walls with paintings and mirrors creates a centerpiece focal point. Hang uniquely shaped glass ornaments and hand-blown glass light catchers near a window or glass door. The prisms of color that sparkle when the sun’s rays touch the glass will make each day exceptional. 

Sea glass is also a popular addition to coastal décor. Whether you discover it on the beach or find it in your favorite store, adding the tumbled glass to lamps, tabletops or plant bases creates a reminder of the beautiful colors of the ocean. Jewelry made with sea glass is another way of wearing this art form. From bracelets to earrings, necklaces to rings, sea glass creates an expression of fun with fashion.

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